ConClip Workshop for Teachers in Denmark

On the 27th of January, the project group from Lillebaelt Academy in Denmark held a successful ConClip workshop for teachers and educators within the construction field. 
The workshop gave the participants an introduction to the ConClip project and furthermore the workshop gave the teachers the unique possibility of watching and evaluating the different conclips. 
All participants seemed very positive towards the project and mentioned that ConClip seems to be a good tool in teaching students and functions well as an instruction guide too. All the teachers participated actively in the workshop and concluded that ConClip is a good initiative – not least because of the innovative dissemination method (video clips).  
In addition, the teachers discussed various ways in how to implement and further develop the conclips within the classroom and came up with some interesting ideas that might help the project to further develop.
The project group from Lillebaelt Academy was very satisfied with the workshop for teachers that turned out to be quite a success.