This is the new ConClip Platform, the free online educational videoclip platform for Passive House construction. This is where you will be able to search for, select, view and download the ConClips which you need for your work.

ConClip is currently developing the first series of ConClips for the ConClip Platform. The first series of ConClips will be presented in Spring 2015 and released to the public.

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  • ConClips equip building craftsmen with the right skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow.
  • ConClips integrate learning with working and facilitate transitions between the phases of work and learning with flexible learning pathways.
  • ConClips improve access to lifelong learning, to help building craftsmen move to expanding occupations such as those emerging from ‘sustainable growth’ policies, equal opportunities policy and legislation.
  • ConClips complement employees with short-term working arrangements, triggered by Flexicurity, with training opportunities.
  • ConClips address migrant workers in the construction business by offering ConClips in Croatian, Polish, Serbian and Turkish (countries with the highest portion of migrant workers in the sector).
  • ConClips target the potential of intra-EU mobility and of thirdcountry migrant inflows to meet labour market needs.
  • ConClips focus on workers with a migrant background and enable migrants to make an even more substantial contribution to employment and growth in the EU shift towards a resource-efficient, low-carbon economy.
  • ConClips encourage building craftsmen to acquire new skills and update their skills by especially addressing older, low-skilled and migrant workers.

Innovative elements

  • ConClips can be used without adaptation in already existing trainings offered by different educational levels such as VET, further training, tertiary level.
  • ConClips can - without further adaptation - be applied in the actual working environment by target groups with different educational backgrounds.
  • ConClips are multi-lingual to provide simple access to further education, especially to migrant craftsmen and site supervisors, by eliminating barriers (e.g. language or self-confidence) which migrants usually have to face.
  • ConClips can be easily accessed basically everywhere (an internet connection presupposed) using modern and widely accessible ICT solutions (mobile phones, internet and social media).
  • ConClips can be used as a guiding - and at the same time learning - tool while actually working on the construction site.