Two Surveys to Ensure a High quality of ConClip Video Clips

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A survey has been developed to ensure a high quality of the ConClip educational video clips. The survey has two foci: firstly a training gap analysis which will analyze the training needs of the craftsmen and site supervisors to ensure that each ConClip brings the answers which the professionals on the building site need the most. Secondly an analysis and identification of the most common defects found in the construction of passive houses. Both foci will help give the ConClips the needed focus for the successful on-site implementation of the ConClip platform. Bert Vanderwegen of the belgian Passiefhuis-Platform and Sophie Salle of the Centre de Référence Professionnel bruxellois pour le secteur de la construction, both ConClip agents, are the authors of the questionnaire and look forward to analyzing the results of the survey: „What makes this survey special is that it will be distributed in all seven countries of the consortium partners. That will give us a real european overview of the needs of the building industry in the area of passive house design!“.